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This is about philosophy or ways of thinking and food for thought. Have you ever wondered if there is any universal code of conduct or order, that will pass the test of time, and that could make our lives easier, happier and more predictable and could reduce human suffering? Yes there is, it`s in the book. 

The book explains the basic structure of our surrounding including our selves. It shows how the world we live in is connected and controlled by a very simple set of laws, including our social behaviour .As a main point it explains the mental toolbox many of us have and how to use it. Since most things we or anybody else do, start with a thought or  lack of one, it pays to have a look what kind of thinking is behind our lives as well as the major world events ,since they have a definite bearing on all our lives. 

It`s easy to kill a thousand men (just turn on your tv and you`ll see ) but you can`t kill an idea. However, you can change ideas and with that social behaviour through education, that is explaining to people why they are really making the decisions they are making and what consequences their thought patterns really have. 

Right now the dominant idea worldwide is greed for power, money is just an accessory tool. This is part of an historical cycle and all the present upheavals in nature are only a connected parallel event. If anything, it shows that we as a species are subject to the cycles of nature like anything else on the planet. However, we do have the ability if we use our mental tools to minimise the destruction caused by our own social behaviour. But that is not what is happening today, quite the opposite.  

Last time this greed for power got extreme in the western world was in the 30`s and 40`s and culminated in WW II. Then it manifested itself in Germany because at that time that was the nation that could do the most damage in the West. England would not have made it of their island and America at that stage was not so extroverted. Today the same idea, greed for power, is manifesting itself in the most industrialised nation on earth, America, for the same reason: They can do the maximum damage. So, have we learned anything ? No, as a species we haven`t. And next time around in about 30 -40 years it will be China, the next superpower. Remember the Mongols? Just imagine what they would do with even todays technology. Party time. 

In my book " One Iota of the Big Picture" I point out the basic structure of the world around us and a very simple set of laws clearly visible in nature and binding for everything including us as human species. Those laws explain amongst other things our social behaviour and they also give us the chance to act differently if we so choose. chapter IV deals with the human mind and points out the mental tools at our disposal, as well as explaining the mechanism of thought patterns. chapter VI explains the biggest challenges/problems we are facing today and what is causing them. And chapter VII explains the solutions and with that the way out, using our mental tools from chapter IV. 

What makes this book very relevant to the times we live in is that it explains the structure of our surrounding as well as the "road rules" and our mental tools given to us by nature. And armed with that, we should be able to do a lot better than we are doing now. It`s meant to be food for thought because in the end every one of us has to make up their own mind about their actions, but  it certainly helps if you know what mental tools you have available to you. 

On the following pages you`ll find a few excerpts from the book as well as contacts. 

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The relevance of the laws

of nature to our lives